Fabric Glossary

Acrylic A man made fiber, soft wool-like hand-wash (usually can be machine washed and dried) and wear performance - good wrinkle resistance.  Commonly used for sweaters.  Takes color well.
Angel Twill Very soft woven twill fabric with diagonal lines on the face of the fabric.
Material that is cut and sewn (many times with embroidery) or fastened to the fabric to create a design.  Decoration made by cutting material and applying to another surface.
Fabric with a loopy, curly surface.  Boucle yarn can be acrylic, cotton, silk, linen, wool or a blend.
Capri, Clam Digger
Also know as cropped pants, these are three quarter length pants sometimes with a short slit on the outside of the leg.
CB Length Length from center back neck seam or edge to bottom of hem edge on a garment.  Also from center back neck bone to bottom hem edge to show where garments falls on body.
Derived from Cambrai, France; a plain weave, yarn dyed, cotton or blend fabric made with a colored warp and white filling.
A very lightweight sheer silk or man made fabric.  The fabric is delicate but relatively strong - primarily used for dressy dresses, blouses, scarves and veils.
Corduroy A pile fabric with ribs called wales, running lengthwise down the fabric.  These wales may vary in width from fine (pinwales) to wide wale.  Corduroy is strong and durable with a velvet-like nap.
Cotton A soft natural fiber obtained from the seedpod of the cotton plant and is one of the major fashion fibers in the textile industry due to its versatility.
Crinkle Fabric Puckered or wrinkled effects created in the fabric construction or in the finishing.
Denim A well known basic cotton or twill fabric generally dyed blue with a white filling, sometimes mixed with lycra for comfort.  Denim is versatile and durable.
Ornamental needlework consisting of designs worked on fabric either by hand or machine.
Faille (file) Ribbed fabric, soft in feel, drapes well, durable.
Fleece A synthetic fabric that has a deep fleece like surface.  Fleece is warm yet lightweight.  Fleece is heavily brushed on one side.
Georgette A crepe-like fabric which drapes nicely and is somewhat sheer.
A fabric with a motif or design worked into the fabric for the full width of the fabric.  Can be a woven or knitted fabric.  This weaving technique is used for brocade, damask and tapestries.
Knit General term for process of inter-lacing rows of loops either by hand or machine.
LeChute A lightweight woven polyester fabric with a crinkly effect all over.
Marbled Yarn A novelty yarn spun from different colors.  Usually there are two or more solid yarns of different colors twisted together for the marbled effect.
Melange A variation in tone; done by mixing fibers or yarn of different colors together, or cross dyeing the fabric; also called heather.
Moleskin A strong, heavy, woven fabric with a short, smooth nap produced by brushing and shearing the surface.
Peachskin A descriptive term for the "hand" (feel) of some fabrics made with microfibers.  Fabric has been mechanically brushed for a sueded hand.
Polyester A man-made fiber whose characteristics are crease resistant, quick drying and shape retention.  Often blended with natural fibers to impart stability and strength.
Poplin Fine, closely woven fabric with slight horizontal ribs.
A strong, lustrous natural fiber from the ramie plant (similar to linen).  Strong and durable and slightly more coarse than linen.
A natural fiber composed of cellulose as well as other manufactured fibers.  Its pleasant hand or feel and good draping qualities characterize this fabric.  It takes color well and has a soft hand.
Renova Soft and silky feel drapable polyester fabric.
Sateen A fabric with a very smooth, lustrous surface.
Seabreeze A very soft woven fabric with the weave that produces diagonal lines on the face of the fabric with a soft brushed feel.
Seersucker A lightweight woven fabric usually made with alternating stripes of plain and slightly puckered strips or plaids.  Thought of as a summer fabric.
Spaced Dyed Sections of the yarn are dyed in different colors resulting in a fabric with a multi-color effect.
Spandex® A trade-marked manufactured stretch fiber composed of polyester - used for active-wear, foundation garments, hosiery, jeans, swimwear and other applications where its ability to stretch and recover are important.
This is not a kind of leather but a kind of finish.  The surface of the leather is buffed to create a fine nap that becomes suede.
Twill Woven fabric made with the weave that produces diagonal lines on the face of the fabric.
Tweed A class of woven fabrics with soft, subtle texture.  Made in a variety of fabrics including wood, silk and synthetics.
A warm soft cotton, cotton blend or nylon fabric similar to velvet that is knitted.  Our velour is usually cut nap smooth up, for a brighter color.
Yarn Dyed The yarn is dyed before it is woven or knitted, as opposed to piece dyed where the fabric is dyed after it is woven or knitted or garment dyed where the garment is dyed after it's made.
Yoryu Lightweight fabric plain weave with a soft crinkled appearance.
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